Start at the Beginning...

Its tempting to start looking at houses first. But before you fall in love with that gorgeous Craftsman bungalow, or plan where to hang your art in the modern loft with crazy high ceilings, take a moment to educate yourself about the market and the buying process. When buying something as huge as real estate its worth taking the time to connect with an agent. New client appointments are 1-2 hours, depending on whether you've bought property before. We define the search, walk through the buying process and make a plan. I have systems in place to make sure you are well advised, not missing any opportunities, and make good decisions both financially and to fit your lifestyle.

Follow the $

Have you spoken to a lender. If you still need to get preapproved I can give you referrals to lenders who best suit your specific stuation. Keep in mind that the lender and the preapproval letter are part of your offer package and can make or break a transaction.

Kick the Tires

Starting in our first meeting I will walk you through the process of reading disclosures. Either the seller will have inspections done or you will conduct your own. In every case I will help you explore the property and neighborhood so you can weigh the pluses and minuses. No house is perfect, but is it perfect for you?

Negotiations​ ...

...start at hello. With 14 years in East Bay real estate and involvement in the real estate community through a series of leadership roles in industry organizations, I know many of the agents in the field. These relationships you well. In every case I contact the listing agent as soon as I know what property you're interested in, and follow up regularly so when we are writing the offer I know how competitive it will be and how best to position you so you are making a sound yet competitive offer.

Due Diligence

Remember when we started reading inspections? Now we really get into it with additional inspections, specific bids, reviewing disclosures with a fine tooth comb. Before you write an offer we will have you feeling comfortable with the available disclosures. Once you're in contract its time to get comfortable with all the details.

Let's Do It!

There is a ton more detail but don't worry. I've got systems and tools in place to make this process fun. Most important there will be plenty of time to ask questions and plan a clear path to your home sweet home. The next thing we need to do is meet.

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